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Come Together for Fellowship, Sharing Faith, Prayer, Seeking the Holy Spirit

This Small Chapel is very special and ideal for quiet dates and retreat

A place where you can feel the presence of God’s love surrounding you.

Where you can feel at one with God as the quietness and peace enfolds you.

Come and share the together the quietness and tranquillity that is God’s Love.


Facilities Info:

Comfy Chairs & Tables

Kitchen area; Crockery and cutlery, Kettle, Urn and Small electric cooker (ideal for heating soup etc)

Digital Piano, CD Player, Hmm books – New Mission Praise, Rejoice and Sing

Bibles – Good News Edition

Communion Glasses and Plate (available on Request)

Inc Restroom Facility


Half Day £16.00

Full Day £30.00

We would recommend that 15 is an ideal number to get the maximum benefit out of your time at the chapel.

Fees are negotiable according to need.

If you need someone to lead a retreat day on your chosen topic, we can arrange this too.